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**Please note we still have to carry out an actual home check for all potential homes**

All  our cats over 6 months are neutered/spayed, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms and have had a basic vet check.

We ask a minimum £80 donation (£150 pair) (£100 pedigree) and an actual home visit is required.

****Please note****

We at cat concern rescue lots of  kittens born outside and have very experienced fosterers who spend lots of time and patience to socialise them, please always consider adopting a timid cat as they always make fantastic pets and have so much love to give , please call to enquire about rehoming a timid cat, they are always great with other cats in your household x


(indoor only)

Roxy is a gorgeous 3 year old female who is very laid back and likes lots of affection, she came into our care as her owner left her behind when moving house, she loves to curl up on your knee, of course when she feels like it!

Roxy would suit a quiet home to be the only cat and be treated like the little Princess that she is x

Please note!

We need to carry out an actual home check!

Mitsy & Leno

(indoor only and rehomed as a pair)



Mitsy & Leno are a gorgeous pair and are very close, although not related have a very special bond.

 Mitsy is a gorgeous 1 year old (black girl) and Leno is a gorgeous 3 year old ( tabby boy), sadly they came into our care as their owner  had to give them up due to ill health :(

They are very sweet natured, very friendly, mitsy being the most confident of the pair and Leno just follows her, he just loves her .

This pair would make fantastic indoor pets for any home with no small kids!

*Please note we have to do an actual homecheck*


Indoor 0nly and must be rehomed to a home with another cat!



Lola is a gorgeous 7 month old little girl, she was born outside and came into our care when we found her at 3 months old, she has  

been with us now for 4 months, she was absolutely terrified of people at first and she has taken time with our fosterer to be socialised and get used to indoors..

Lola is still very nervous and needs to be rehomed to a house with another cat as she loves/needs cat company, preferably an experienced cat owner who will understand her needs and give her time to settle and get used to her new environment..

Lola will make a fantastic pet and a friend for you cat!

*Please note*

We have to carry out an actual home check!